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Dayz beta access


DayZ is a post zombie apocalypse survival game. You start out with only a few basic items on the coast of Chernarus, an abandoned island littered with zombies. You must choose to stay near the water where large cities and other survivors can be found, or to make your way into the forests where rewarding loot and vehicles await.

Watch your step and take your time as encounters with other players could result in fatality. Before making a decision to trust another survivor take a good look at yourself and what you are worth. The decisions are yours alone in the end of the world, how will you survive?

Release Date: Q4 2013-Q1 2014

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Associated Titles: Arma, Arma II, Arma III, Take on Mars, Operation Flashpoint Series, UFO Series

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How TO play

Over the last couple of weeks we have been sending out various amounts of beta keys to members of the Dayz community. We decided we weren't getting enough feedback so various vendors are now allowed to invite certain amounts of players to join the closed beta process. Below is a 'Download' button you can click to start the process of earning a DayZ Key. Check out our youtube video, if it hasn't brought you here all ready on how to use the 'Key Code Generator'.


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